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Stop comparing your relationship with other’s

oh! I admire Ella and Bob’s relationship!they just seem so perfect for each other!they are a perfect match!they are just doing life together so perfectly!their relationship seem to be doing perfectly fine than ours!…….
I know we’ve heard such moments where we thought the grass is greener on the other side which is natural anyway,but I wanna put it out there that perfect relationships do not exist. I know you’ve seen their posts kissing,having fun,hugging and doing life together on Instagram, whatsapp, facebook or other socials and you are left mesmerized.
But my guy,relax! What you see is just their good moments and that just what they have decided to show you.What they are not showing you is when they are seriously arguing, fighting,how sometimes they becomes boring to each other ,how they almost broke up a 1000 times and many more. What I want you to remember is that relationships are made up of two people who are not perfect.People who have made up their mind to be best friends and do life together despite their flaws.

Focus on building your relationship with this understanding:your relationship is unique and it depends with the contributions that the both of you are bringing on the table.

Comparing relationships always make it feel like you’re doing it wrong.The relationship you share with your partner is unique and special

Alasha bennet

No relationship is built overnight.You cannot wakeup to a ‘perfect’ relationship.Every relationship requires hardwork, commitment and patience.

Comparison is disastrous.At the end of the day it will leave you jumping from one relationship to another which will bear no fruits rather it will leave you broken, shattered and confused.

Could it be you’re unhappy with your current relationship because you are not communicating with your partner?
Things like “Beib,I want you treat me like this and that,do this and that for me,stop this and that,be to me this and that and other x,y,z’s”may help add sugar to your relationship.
But even as you communicate,it’s good to be a little more patient with your partner and extend some grace to them.
Appreciate their little efforts of becoming a better partner to you.Avoid being demanding and understand some character traits and behaviours springs up from our personality which may lead to no significant change on their side.

The difference between your relationship and others is the work you are putting in.Can I give you a secret?Yes,this it!Spice up your relationship.Do things differently!Be adventurous! Explore one another,learn what makes both of you happy and focus on those things.This will make you see your partner in a new light.It’s a matter of choice and being intentional.

Instead of stupid comparisons that makes you resentful, unkind, jealous and toxic,would you consider learning from those you are eyeing?
Let their relationship become a benchmark for your relationship.Reach out,talk to them,let them tell you the things that they do that makes their relationship great and use them to enrich your relationship.

Still,I know you’ve heard scenarios where you’ve been comparing your partner with your ex.Doing this is just denying you the opportunity of seeing the great qualities your current partner have.Focus on deriving joy in your new partner’s unique qualities if you want to be happy.Every fingerprint is unique and so is every human

Don’t compare your current relationship with your past relationships,there is a reason why they didn’t work out

You want to be happy, satisfied and confident? Stop the comparison game.

PS:The grass is not always greener on the other side,you are the one not tending to your own grass.


2 responses to “Stop comparing your relationship with other’s”

  1. It’s true, you never really know what is going on in another relationship.

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