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Hats off for all memers

Have you ever felt off and low on moods and suddenly  you came across a certain meme and you just couldn’t help it but  laugh.I know right?
That’s what they are exactly for.They are there to lighten up our moment and lift our mood .Life is not all that serious after all.
Sometimes all we need is a good dose of laughter to beat the gloominess.When you are feeling low,just pick your phone,go through your social and facilitate your own happiness.If you feel it works for you,do this occasionally.Though it’s a short term solution,it will divert your attention from this hustling and unforgiving life.
It takes a lot of creativity to have something become funny and trending and so hats off to all memers out there,you brightens up our day.
But still,I believe some of y’all are too mature for this,for memes,wewe relax,tuachie sisi😁😁😁.You just go for what puts a smile on your face.I mean go what works for you.
It could be a comedy from your favourite comedian,reading joke books,watching your favourite programme on tv or maybe hooking up with that funny friend
With all the negativities going on in the world,you deserve a good smile once in a while


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