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Social media pressure

We live in an era where social media has taken over and is easily accessible to all people.It’s an era where almost everyone wants to have an online presence.

Social media is definitely the best thing that have happened to the human race because connecting with people from anywhere in the world has become possible.It has also helped us to keep updated with what is going on in the world and in people’s lives.


The problem that come with this social media era is social media pressure.My guy,the pressure is real out here!People wants to be people they see on social media,they want to live and love like them.They just want to have their lifestyle even when their budget do not allow them.

People are really yearning for fame,recognition and appreciation!

Did you know that staying glued on the phone monitoring other people’s seemingly perfect lives on social media can shoot up someone’s blood pressure if not careful?

Falling prey of envying people’s lives on social media and pitying yourself can add pressure into your life and make you feel like you are not where you are supposed to be. This results in a person going over and above just to keep up with the pace
Yes,people are willing to go to any length just to have their life instagrammable,have a large following,huge number of likes,comments and shares
This leads to depression and anxiety when one realizes they can’t keep up with the pace.
It also lead to low self esteem if a photo or a video fails to obtain the desired number of likes,shares or comments.This feeling comes with feeling worthless and ugly.

But atleast, can we now make social media a safe space for ourselves by appreciating our lives and where we are at the moment?
Yes,it’s possible because comparing your life with people on social media will only make your life miserable.It will just make you unhappy with your life.
It’s time to be real to yourself and accept the hard truth:You can’t be them and they can’t be you.They are living their life,now,can you also live yours.

If you can’t afford their lifestyle,don’t beat yourself by trying to adjust inorder to fit in.Don’t be harsh on yourself.

Stop harassing yourself to impress us,we care less!.

Lower your expectations,no one owes you a like nor a comment!

If you know it will destroy your moods if it gets 2 likes,don’t post it!

Stop equating your worth with the number of likes you get!

If you are seeking to build your self confidence by seeking our opinion and validation, we’re sorry,we might disappoint you.

If it’s tampering with your peace of mind,unfollow that account or delete your account all together.You may also log out for some times and breathe in.Do what you have to do but don’t give into pressure. Peace of mind is essential.

You posted your little achievements on WhatsApp, Instagram,Twitter or Facebook and they failed to celebrate with you and now you are feeling all down.Relax,the only validation you need is that which is from within you.

That vacuum and thirst in your heart that is leading you to post for validation and acceptance will still remain even if you get 1000 likes.That’s because that is not where your true satisfaction lies.It lies in being comfortable with yourself and knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Remember,some of the photos and videos that are giving you pressure on social media are filtered and edited.
In cases where they are real,just know that our destinies and race are different.They are where they are meant to be in life and you are where you are meant to be.You are not a failure,it’s only that it’s not yet your time.Give yourself time!Work on yourself!Focus on building your life!No human is limited,lol😘

Now,I want you to assess yourself by asking yourself the following questions.If you answer them correctly,then you’re free from social media pressure.

  • Why are you on social media?
  • Why are you posting that photo/video?
  • When your photo gets 2 likes,how does that make you feel?
  • Why are you following those accounts?
  • What impact do social media has on you?

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