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Celebrate your small wins!

Last couple of days we talked about Finding motivation from within yourself .We found out that it is critical because people will not always be there to celebrate, recognize or congratulate you during your small wins which may translate to demotivation if you depend on it.This is especially in cases where your wins fails to capture their attention or maybe it’s insignificant to them.You know why?people are always waiting for those big big wins to give you an applause.Those milestones that the society equates to success.They are waiting for you build that magnificent house,buy a land,that project to win you big money or maybe write a catchy book.They do not care about the process.This makes it important for you to learn to celebrate your wins every step of the way despite how small they are.Learn to take care of yourself by celebrating every part of the process.That small win may be insignificant to us but you know what it means to you.If you can learn to recognize and take notice of these small victories,then your days will always be filled with joy and a sense of fulfillment.You’ll realize you are surrounded with victories which will remove that sense of feeling like a failure in life


The journey has been tough,rough and dusty but  finally you made it, Celebrate!

The main goal seems out of reach and is wrecking havoc on your mind,but atleast you are making little but meaningful steps towards that goal,celebrate!

The year has been rough and this has been spinning you into a spiral of despair but before you sink,you are here,alive,healthy and kicking! That’s a win.Celebrate!

You accomplished that which looked out of reach, celebrate!

Your Consistency has been bearing you fruits,celebrate!

You have been failing but this has not discouraged you.You’ve been picking yourself up and doing it all over again and finally you’ve managed it,celebrate!

As we talk,you are in a horrible situation but there are those things that has kept you going,celebrate!

Nothing seems working in your life,but atleast you are trying, celebrate!

You’ve struggled with this negative character trait for long but now you feel you are making progress, celebrate!

This is exactly what it means to focus on the positive aspects of life.It doesn’t have to be complicated.If you look keenly,in the midst of a storm you are facing,there is always something good to be happy about.Celebrate that!

Only you understand what it took you to achieve that goal or maybe to be where you are right now.You know the challenges you went through,the nights you had to stay awake,the many times you felt tired of doing what you are supposed to do,the many times you were in the verge of giving up,the many times people discouraged you but you kept going,the many times you felt demotivated but always looked for something to keep you motivated,the hindrances and the obstacles that you met along the way but was able to overcome,etcetera.And so,Celebrate!

They don’t have to be huge for you to celebrate.They don’t have to be instagrammable for you to feel you’ve achieved something.They don’t have to be flashy achievements for you to start noticing them.Those little wins matters.They are incremental achievements towards the main goal.In your little ways, acknowledge yourself.You could even buy yourself an ice pop,a bottle of wine,take yourself for a movie night/dinner or just do something special for yourself.Its a form of self love and saying thank you to your body.This doesn’t have to be expensive though,just do what makes you happy,what brings you satisfaction and fulfillment.Just reward yourself.You deserve it afterall.This will ignite the fire within you to keep accomplishing more and more and also will bring euphoric fulfillment into your life.

May your little successes give you a sense of pride and happiness.


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