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I celebrate myself πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Welcome or welcome back to my blogπŸ€—.Lets sip some coffee as I try to paint to you how life has been.

Now,some times I receive greetings,  ‘ How are you’ which sometimes leaves me with a temptation of wanting to spill the milk.Like literally,I wanna tell you how I am without having to spit the ‘ I’m fine’ cliche all the time.I wanna express to you how I am at that particular moment.How joyful,happy,excited,flabbergasted,mesmerized,shocked,sad,angry,bored,stressed or disturbed I am.But because not every time I’ll get that chance,I just have to say it without saying it by throwing ‘ I am fine’ to you with little giggles.Thanks to the rare chances I  get because they helps to process the feelings.

But si ni life!

I am not here to throw tantrums by the way,I  just want to be real and I think this is a safe space.

Yesterday we spoke about Celebrating our small wins and today I wanna be kind enough and celebrate myself.Not every time life has been hard,there has been times when life has been all rossy and even in those times when life has been thorny,I still celebrate because that’s part of what has made me to be who I am today
And so today this post is all for and about me.


I have had my moments over the years,those good moments.Moments of joy, happiness and celebration.
I appreciate such moments as little as they are.Those moments I had to fight laughter in public because I remembered something funny,those times when things seemed  to just work,those times when I could remember the lyrics to my favourite old song,those times when I could just smile reading my favourite book,those times when I could stay and laugh with friends,those times when I could just watch the sun set beautifully etcetera.I mean,these are the moments that makes life beautiful.In the midst of a difficult season,these are the little moments that keeps us going.
Over the time,I have learnt to form habits that keeps me happy and ditch those that stresses me out.Simple things like smiling,managing my stress level, practicing gratitude,getting enough sleep etc has made life way simpler.

And because life is a two way street,there has been times when life has been full of ups and downs,twists and turns.Those times when nothing seemed to work out.Moments when I just had to mask my stresses with a smile.Difficult moments when I found myself at a crossroad.Times when I just couldn’t decide on what’s the best thing to do.
There are also those awkward moments when I couldn’t hold a fart around people (it’s healthy btw, don’t feel bad about itπŸ˜‰), bumping into my ex,having to introduce a friend who I can’t remember their name and many others.(It’s funny right?🀣)
It’s when we go through difficult situation that we are shaped into better people.We comes out better,bold and more resilient.You become more understanding when you come across a person who is going through what you overcame.
And so ,I celebrate myself because I’ve grown through things that were meant to break me

I’ve also been on a road to self discovery as I talked about it on my previous post.Click here to read more about it
I’ve learnt to pill off the layers and connect with my truest self.Over the years,change has been inevitable.My personalities, characters and behaviours have been changing over time.
I celebrate myself for learning to be who I am away from what society suggests I should be

And because I don’t intend to make my post so long, let’s just stop there


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