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A letter to myself

Hey prissy,
You are the best,
You are unique,
You are loved,
You are worthy,
you are enough,
You have a purpose in life,
You were made with a divine intention,
You are beautifully and wonderfully made,
I love you mama.

Transition from childhood to adulthood has been smooth,
You’ve proven you can take responsibility of your own life and can make good choices for yourself, I’m sure you can’t regret the choices and decisions you’ve made so far, And am proud of you, Life is a learning process and you’ve learnt so much for the few years you’ve been on earth,
You’ve learnt to lavish yourself with self care and love,
You’ve learnt to be there for yourself when everyone else is gone,
You’ve learnt to stand up for yourself when the world gangs up against you, You’ve also learnt this the hard way: You don’t always get what you want.

You’ve accomplished so much this far.
They may look insignificant but you know what those little achievements means to you,
And so I celebrate you,
You have been a warrior,
Slaying down the giants in your life, You stood strong through the storms that threatened to  sweep you away,
You’ve overcome challenges and obstacles that stood your way like a pro,
You’ve won tough battles that almost claimed your life,
You’ve always had your way around hardships,
Your life is surrounded by victories and won battles,
When life served you with lemon you made lemonade out of it,
Baby, am proud of you,
You are a champion,
You deserve a trophy,

Sweetheart,you are doing pretty fine,
You may not be where you want to be but atleast you are somewhere,
You are where you are meant to be, Babygirl,go easy on yourself . Live and cherish the moment, Make every moment count

Now it’s time to put your best foot forward ,
It’s time you stopped caging yourself through self doubt whilst you got so much potential buried with you,
Step out boldly and courageously, You can be all you you’ve ever desired,
You are unstoppable

It’s time to forget the past with it hurts and pains and look forward to the future with hope and faith,
Your tomorrow must be greater than today,
You deserve a good and a soft life,
And you can live to achieve exactly that,
You can,
You will.



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