12 months I hold

12 months I hold
It has been a sobering year
A year of self discovery
One of letting go,letting in and letting out
It has been bumpy,dusty and and at other points clear
At one time I saw clearly and at other points my vision was obscured
I smiled,I laughed,I cried,shed tears of joy and at other times tears of pain
Did I say,I have been fine but other times I pretended to be
But that’s how life is
Ups and down
I have well learnt lesson and they are to be part of the new page that is opening
Its the start of an year of restarting and refreshing,
undoing,doing and redoing things
Learning,unlearning and relearning.
A year of recollecting those dreams that have been collecting dusts in the shelves for months.
A year of more mercy,compassion and unconditional love to my fellow humans

As I contemplate on those good past memories,I hope to have more of them in the coming days
I will dream the good dreams and make wishes today;
Give them wings and let them fly to the highest mountain top.

Above all
As i contemplate on those people who’ve enriched my life by just being there,I just wonna be loyal and hold them for life
Happy birthday to my dear self

A true story

She had gone missing for a long long time. One day she came back to her senses and decided to go back home. Her mom,upon seeing her she covered her face,went on her knees and broke into tears but this time tears of unexplainable joy. Like a woman forgets all the pain after holding her baby, she forgot all the pain she went through for all those years looking for her only daughter. She went missing when she was a young little girl and now here she came a full grown woman. Of course she was to recognize her despite all the changes. She had all hopes that one day they will reunite and seeing her dream come true filled her with awesome wonder.
After a little while,she rose up and ran to her and gave her a warm tight hug. There was no word said at the moment as both were lost in the moment.
The lady had a tug of guilt in her heart. She mumbled pain filled words to her mother as she try to explain herself and ask for forgiveness,but her mom had long forgiven her and all was left for her was to welcome her back as any parent would do.
Her mom’s caring,sympathetic and compassionate eyes gave her an assurance of her mother’s love even in her absentia.
That was the best day for both of them.

Self discovery

Self discovery is indeed a journey.Yes, it has been one long journey. I have learnt to disconnect from the world without and connect to the vast world within with an aim of discovering who I am.It’s in this path that I’ve often felt lonely but never alone.
Its an adventure with beautiful sceneries as i keep on discovering and rediscovering something about myself each time.
Meditation, self reflections, imaginations ,
Monitoring my actions, attitudes, social life, private life, reading, online personality tests, likes, preferences, values, dreams and goals has been amazing avenues that has helped me connect with my truest self.
Understanding who I am has saved me from trails of disappointments that comes with trying to be who I am not and can’t be.
👉lessons from this trip:
*I have learnt to channel my energy to the right places and interact well with diverse environments that i find myself in.
*I have learnt to be a little bit more patient with myself as i learn, relearn and unlearn.
*I have learnt to be gentle and to handle myself with absolute tenderness and care especially in the area of my weaknesses, imperfections and failures
*I have learnt to adjust my crown and be the queen that i am. Never allowing anybody downplay me or mess up with the joy that i have paid a cost to obtain
*I have learnt to be there for myself even when everyone else is absent. I mean, i can’t afford to loose myself to situations. I need me more.

As destiny’s oddessy puts it , indeed, discovering myself today has been the first step to being who i will be tomorrow.


Havens of beauty and peace
We were to be so
Even from the very beginning
But life has a way of twisting fate
Its life and it is to be like so
Ever since the first humans fell

Ups and downs of life
Making the way rough
Countable times
Tears of joy are shed

Very few are havens
They that has not allowed circumstances to define them.
They that has not allowed people twist their identity
They know know who they are and why they are here

Yes!, beyond the veil of hurt and disappointment is a soul;
that was meant to be a reflection of beauty and peace
Is a soul that deserves better
A soul that deserves to be loved, adored and respected

We are to be haven to our fellow humans as a tree is shelter to us
But the opposite is
Because people have turned to be animals.
So inhuman, self_centered, jealous unkind and the list is endless.

Its all inside out and not the other way round
Because possession do not define a person
Beautiful at heart and the rest tops it up.

Why are you still alive today?

I spent some days in the past few months coming up with this write up and i thought its good i edit and share it out because i believe it can be of help for someone out there😎😎
Many of us go through life without having realized our purpose in life, as a result living aimlessly. Purpose is the reason for birth. They are inner abilities fixed in us at conception naturally and by God. lack of living out one’s purpose leads to lack of fulfillment and satisfaction and leaves a devoid in our hearts. Living out one’s purpose is not only for the satisfaction of an individuals but also for impacting other people’s life.
Purpose is part of one’s destiny or future. Purpose is greater than gifting and talents because in purpose the main aim is to impact people’s life whereby monetary benefits becomes secondary objective though generally gifting and talents comes buried or rather wrapped in the purpose.
Purpose is a process which mostly involve dropping from one’s head to one’s heart and determining what you love most and embark on a journey of carrying it out with a lot of passion, self inspiration and motivation. Purpose is bigger than one’s career. That is Purpose in most cases is carried out alongside one’s area of specialization. purpose is inborn and crafted within a person. it’s about something that one loves doing; that is its self motivated.
They say two greatest days in our life are the day you were born and the day you realize why you were born, which I tend to totally agree with.
Some of the problem and challenges one encounters in life can direct an individual to his purpose in life. Of course not all challenges but some do and especially critical challenges that really affect the psychological and emotional aspect of a person. Purpose is part of one’s destiny or future. Overcoming these challenges enables one to come out strong and in a position to handle the magnitude and the challenges that comes with fulfilling one’s purpose.
Yes, purpose add a meaning into life. Living out a life with direction would be the reason why you would retire to bed happy and fulfilled, longing for another new dawn. There is a high rise of a breed of hopeless People, no wonder there are many cases of suicides happening right left center and many depressed people. Its clear people no longer have a sense of purpose, that’s why a person would have the guts to take that rope and hang him/herself mercilessly. It’s the reason why you would see many broken, scattered and messed up lives around. Living out a God given purpose do not come on a cup of tea, there is a price to pay, a sacrifice to make and a painful decision to make.

The main question remains how to realize these purposes? Purposes are God given and so only Him can unveil them to us. Purposes are buried within every one’s spirit and cannot be realized unless ones get focused and serious in realizing it.
Did you know that some life’s hardship people go through are as a result of not realizing our purposes? As I pointed out earlier some challenges are our road to our purposes but some of the challenges we encounter are unnecessary especially the one that keeps us too long in those valleys of tears. Some we create them by ourselves especially when we get ourselves into fixes or traps that bring or leave a whole load of burdens into our hearts. May I bring you into the attention that our marriage partners, our finances and everything that pertains to life are buried in our purposes. You’ve got yourself the reason why large number of people are struggling and toiling with no tangible results .
I desire to spend my days living out my purpose in life because that’s where peace, fulfillment and satisfaction is found😊😊😊😊

Its a full package!

I was thinking of how to title my message and that’s what i came up with ‘Its a full package’ 😄.If you would just take your time and read through you’re understand why and i think its fitting😅. Anyway, enjoy reading!😘

What destroys most people is accepting half truths!.if truth is to be of benefit to anyone then the whole truth needs to be embraced.
What people love most is applying the most comfortable part of the truth and the rest living a lie. They are described as people with itchy ears;they would want to hear the most comfortable part because its easier done
These kind are so convinced about the lie they believes in that no one can convince them otherwise
God created the world in a way that it has an order in which everything is supposed to be done. This order is a full package and in which I simply refers to the ‘Truth’.
Embracing the whole truth fulfills righteousness in every way and the blessings therein are undeniable
We’re living in a generation that has
adopted a destructive new way of doing things. Yes,a generation that has modelled for itself an order that’s contrary with the laws of the land.
Most if not all poor,broken,messed up,bitter,beaten people you see in the world today, if you look critically into their situations in one way or another broke the order of doing things.
Lord,take us back to the good old paths where young people would understand the the importance of respecting the elderly,where people would understand the basic principles of success without compromising anything.
I desire we would get back to those times where people understood the basic principles of friendship,courtship and marriage!
Oh!,I desire to see a generation that would understand the importance of respecting the human life in totality,a people that understands you sow now and either now or later in life you shall reap and many more
Simply ,a generation that would embrace the above truths in totality.
My concern is who will teach us,are we willing to listen and if we are,is there a people who would gladly stand to fulfill the good truth pertaining life
Someone would say its not possible to live a good life in totality but I dare you hear this;if there is willingness from every soul then the world would be a better place to be
As I type this I feel like am living a dream right now because the prophesies must be fulfilled and its all here with us. The world is full of people who are lovers of themselves,lovers of money,proud,arrogant, bitter,jealous, murderers, fornicators,adulterers and all such kind. But then,I can’t deny the fact that there are remnants who are willing to sacrifice their lives for good deeds. To such, they shall live to reap the blessings while these acts follow them even to their graves.

Learn to value and appreciate whats already in your possession,don’t wait until its gone that you will start realizing how much something was of value and importance to you.
On the same note,loose yourself from anything that seems to be bringing negative energies into your life