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Find motivation from within

It’s all normal to want to feel appreciated and congratulated when you do something.its all in the human nature.It feels good and makes one  want to keep going.
But now,did you know there is this category of people who performs poorly especially when they feel overlooked and unappreciated.They feel demotivated to do something when they realize no one is cheering them up.They are always in need of permission, validation and approval.
This  is indeed  a dangerous place to be because you’ll never do something meaningful with your life.Youll never move forward because people will not always be there to cheer you up,I mean it’s your life and no one cares about what you do with it.
If you check very well,these are people who struggle with low self esteem, they always feel like they are not enough thus sleeping on themselves and their potential.But until you learn to find motivation from within yourself you will always remain stuck.This is because there will always be someone to talk you down,either because they are jealous or they do not know what they are doing.This can ruin your confidence until you wanna do nothing with your life.

Find motivation from people who are actually motivating you,not talking you down

I want to encourage you to keep at what you are doing as long as you are not hurting anyone.keep at it if it’s putting something on the table or you enjoy doing it.Remember that their validation will not feed you.
You are the boss and you rule your own world.You are enough and nobody should make you feel inferior
You gotta encourage yourself and be confident as long as you are not doing something that is not in line with the moral landscapes.

  Here are few things you can do to boost your confidence and help you  stay motivated.
1.Give yourself a second chance.
I want you to know that you can conquer if at all you can learn to give yourself second chances.You failed the first time but you don’t have to remain there.I understand that they jeered at you when you failed which left you feeling demotivated but understand that you can rise and do it again in a new way.You cannot run out of chances as long as you are still breathing.

2.Improve on your skills
You can do this by reading books,going to a school, enrolling for programmes that will help you improve on your skillset.The more you can do something in a better way,the more confident you’ll be.They will recognize and look for you because of your skills

3.Move out of your comfort zone.
Learn to take bold steps.There is a joy that comes with  you moving out and doing things out of the ordinary.Gather courage from wherever,motivate yourself and make sure you are moving.Hii dunia inataka watu wanajituma!

4.Set clear goals.
You’ll not be bothered with what people are saying if you focus on chasing your dreams and goals.Be determined and let them meet you on top.

5.practice positive self talk
What you say about yourself is what matters most.The worst you can do is talk yourself down.Atleast,be kind to yourself.Look for positive mantras and declare them over yourself.This will keep your confidence on top despite what the world is saying about you.


3 responses to “Find motivation from within”

  1. The most validation you need is from yourself. “Find motivation from within.”

    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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